Using a Bug Detector – the Benefits

Bug detectors are used to find suspicious signals that could indicate the presence of surveillance equipment that shouldn’t be there. This helps to keep information safe and secure, so they will often be used by security officers, the police, detectives and professionals in MI5 or MI6.

Bug detectors are very easy to use, which is beneficial to the people who operate them. They can use a range of methods to indicate that a bug has been detected, from vibrations and ringing to flashing to a range of noises. You can get bug detectors in many different shapes and sizes. Some are so small they can be carried around easily and discretely and they can also be handheld.

Bug detectors can be highly effective, especially the ones that are designed to detect any kind of suspicious signal. They can have a range of around 50-6000 MHz so will detect even the most difficult signals.

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