Police Surveillance Systems

All of ECS Airborne Downlink transmitters may operate from both equally rotary and preset wing platforms. The particular downlinks are optimised with regard to Military and Police force surveillance use, providing excellent link continuity, allowing for superior range and are also much easier to utilize than COFDM links created for broadcast use, yet the image quality in both normal definition (SD) or hi-def (HD) formats is as good. The multicast transmission enables low latency real-time imagery, audio, GPS data and data that may aid significantly your intelligence gathering practice within Police Makes.
A proprietary alternative cipher system is employed as standard encryption. An increased level of encryption applying 256 bit AES cipher block chaining and exclusive special enforcing functions can be acquired subject to foreign trade licence control away from the EU.
ECS Airborne Downlink microwave devices often exceed your customers’ requirements. To its height, the aircraft makes a perfect location for rebroadcasting uplinked signals in the ground and ECS provide a variety of suitable aircraft competent receiving equipment.
These uplinked graphics may either be viewed inside the aircraft and/or re-transmitted using the second video channel with the ECS downlink, a function that may be provided as normal.
ECS’ range of digital receivers may be designed to be appropriate for ECS airborne downlinks and also ground transmitters. The receivers vary in dimensions and capability, this will give for rack installed ground equipment to become installed either remotely or perhaps into an detailed Headquarters.

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