Keep Safe with a Personal Alarm

In the UK, the chance that you will be attacked whilst walking home alone at night is small. But it does, and can happen.

It is worth considering buying a personal alarm which is small enough to fit in a pocket or a shoulder bag. The aim of a personal alarm is to shock and disorientate an attacker, allowing you time to get away or to discourage the attacker from continuing the attack.

For your personal security, it is important that the noise emitted by the alarm is as loud and as shrill as possible. It also needs to sound different from some of the other alarms that we hear from time to time – car alarms and house alarms – in order to be 100% effective. Make sure the alarm you buy is easy to use. You do not want to be worrying about pressing fiddly buttons or finding a small pin to activate the alarm. Finally, you need to consider how you will carry your device. If it is small, you do not want to be hunting around for it at the bottom of your bag. Some of the best alarms are ones that can be carried or held in the palm of your hand.

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